Viper Tumbling

Delaney McGroarty and Desirae Gomez are 11 and 12 years old. As you can tell these young girls are very talented. Both girls cheer for Talent Factory in Chino, California and definitely have a great future in cheerleading.

With this tumbling video I really wanted to focus on camera movement. Most tumbling videos you see are usually from a phone or someone standing in a corner panning with the tumbler. I haven't yet acquired a glide cam or a dolly so I had to ghetto rig the camera movements a little. It was actually just me walking/running as smooth as I can. With the editing software I also tweaked the footage with some stabilization, but I think it turned out pretty smooth!

With cheerleading growing more and more I am surprised there are not more high quality cheer videos. I am hoping to keep making professional cheer videos as my business and equipment keep expanding. It's time to move from filming tumbling and stunting on a phone and start getting them looking clean.